Welcome to World Wide Wants, the online shop where you can find unique clothing with prints that are sure to turn heads. We like to think of ourselves as capitalism merch, but with a good conscience. Our mission is to make people think about important issues that often get overlooked and have a good time doing it.

We believe that there's more to fashion than just looking good. That's why our products are designed to spark conversation and inspire new ideas. We want to challenge the status quo and help people break out of the vicious cycle of meaningless jobs and empty consumerism.

Did you know that the average CEO-to-worker pay ratio in the US is a staggering 670-to-1? At World Wide Wants, we believe in a fairer distribution of wealth. That's why our underlying financial model is simple: all profits are split equally between the artist, coordinator, and our treasury for paying contractors. We believe that everyone involved in the creation and distribution of our products deserves to be compensated fairly.

We're not afraid to call out bullshit when we see it. That's why we're against meaningless jobs that do nothing but enrich the already wealthy. With World Wide Wants, you can feel good knowing that you're supporting a company that stands for something more.

In short, we're here to make a difference. We hope you'll join us on our mission to create a more equitable world.

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Website by antrdnv